About FarOffice

The Company

Founded in 2003, FarOffice has evolved to be a leading company in the south west for websites and eCommerce solutions, run by staff with experience of running businesses, and all the knowledge and expertise required to provide you with the best support.

We don’t only know how to build superb websites, we understand how to write for your audience, support you with sales marketing tips and help you to rank well with search engines as well as understanding social media and how it can help you.

On a more geeky note, we use Perch as a Content Management System (CMS) and have extensive experience with the platform. Perch is a great CMS that allows you to keep your own website up-to-date without any technical knowledge and the constant cost of getting someone else to do it for you.

Sarah Tevendale, Director of FarOffice Limited


Owner and Lead Consultant with FarOffice. I work with businesses to provide them with easy to use (and manage) websites and content management systems and I mentor them through digital communications skills including writing for the web and social media.

I train people in digital communications and traditional writing skills, providing them with a simple but powerful toolkit to make their communications more effective and efficient. I train internationally and mentor people across the world.

Having learned Assembler and COBOL back in 1981, these days I often use Perch or Perch Runway to build fast, responsive websites and work with my clients to help them get well ranked with search engines. I train my clients to use their Content Management Systems so that they can do their own updates and look after their own content, as well as ensuring that they know what needs to be done to optimise their web content.

As well as loving what I do during working hours, I like nothing better than a long session in the swimming pool or time chilling out with my animals.