Help To Manage Your Social Media

We know that running a business is a full-time undertaking, without the added pressures of keeping a presence on social media platforms.

Many owners of small businesses finish their working day, only to start work again on accounts, and a host of others things, and sending out social media updates can get shunted way down the list of priorities after a long day. There’s little point in posting an update (if you still have the energy) at midnight when all your potential customers are fast asleep… yet keeping a presence on social platforms is essential.

Social media will influence the opinions of your potential customers, engage customers with you and your business and keep you in people’s minds. We love social media and writing, so if you’re too busy to handle your social media presence why not take one of our packages and let us do it for you? We can help with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Blogs

Read on…

Why use us to manage your social media? People often say “Oh, I can do that, and if I’m too busy I’ll get one of the staff/kids to post something or other” and that’s fine if your staff, or whoever you delegate to, knows your strategy for social media, why you’re using it and who you are targeting. Often, owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses can’t afford to engage a member of staff to take care of their digital presence, i.e. how you come across on your website and in your social media communications, yet it’s how potential customers will get to know you and perceive what your business is like.

Many of your competitors will have a social presence, and the huge power of social networking can’t be underestimated. It’s vital to identify who you want to communicate with; understanding who you want as your audience will allow you to tailor your communications to get to the right people. Are you trying to stay in touch with existing customers, trying to appeal to new customers, talking to others in the same industry…? Each group will need handling differently.

Understanding your audience, what makes them tick, what appeals to them and what will keep them engaged with your business is also important because you need to tailor the way you communicate to suit that audience. It’s not just about posting a picture of the latest thing you’re stocking in your shop if you are a retailer, or the latest service you offer if you are in a service industry; people don’t like to feel they’re getting a ‘hard sell’ so you have to offer them other content. One of the most important things with social media is to keep people engaged and looking out for what you say. And that’s where we can help. We will work with you to identify your audience, decide how to approach them and which of the many social media platforms will work best for your business.

So, what do we do for you after that? After identifying your target audience, we will post/tweet on your behalf, ensuring there’s a good mix of information, promotion and audience engagement. If a customer has a grumble, we’ll deal with it quickly and work with you to make them a satisfied customer and advocate for your business. We’ll blog on your behalf, if blogging works for your business, and we will make posts that people will like and share with others.

If you don’t already have a page for your business on Facebook and LinkedIn (assuming it is the right place for your business), we can put one together for you, or help you build it and manage it to support your business. We will be the friendly, welcoming face of your social presence, giving you time for everything else.

You engage FarOffice by the month, so you are not locked into an onerous contract, have a look at the packages below:

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Level 1


  • 5 hours
  • Extra hours at £25.00 p.h.

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  • 10 hours
  • Extra hours at £24.00 p.h.

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  • 20 hours
  • Extra hours at £23.00 p.h.


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  • 30 hours
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  • 40 hours
  • Extra hours at £21.00 p.h.

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