Writing For The Web

Writing for the web is different to other business and creative writing!

We’re all taught creative writing during our education, but it’s rare that people are taught to write for the web, which is a totally different style. When looking at a web page, people skim and scan, rather than reading every word and every line you offer to them, so there are techniques to make sure your important messages get across to the reader.

If you are setting up your own website, we can help you to write the content, whether you build the site with us or not. Talk to us about your potential customers, and we will produce copy that’s perfectly pitched at the demographic you’re aiming at.

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FarOffice will work with you to identify your future customer base, what excites and pleases them, and then we’ll weave it into your pages.

With many years’ experience of both writing for the web and teaching web writing skills to business people via an international training company, FarOffice has the expertise to support your business. Call us on 0759 7575 385 to find out more.