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FarOffice can set up websites, eCommerce and content management systems (websites where you can add your own pictures and words without knowing anything technical). We ensure that you have an effective web presence and that search engines will find your website.

No amount of knobs, bells and whistles on your website will make up for poor content. Well written web content, like any other company literature, will demonstrate your professionalism; FarOffice will help craft words that are relevant and entertaining for your readers and customers.

Websites ‑ FarOffice can produce anything from single page brochure website to larger websites. A small website may cost from as little as £500 plus hosting and domain costs. Talk to us about what you want and we will work with you to provide exactly the look and feel you desire.

eCommerce ‑ whether you want a straightforward small site shop with a PayPal button (or several), a site with an integrated shopping basket or a large eCommerce site with shopping cart, product variables, categories, etc., we would be pleased to help.

Content Management Systems ‑ Faroffice can set up a content management system where you can add text, images, a calendar or gallery pages. Whatever size, use and number of pages, we will find the right solution for you.

Web Strategy ‑ your website should be easy for you to use, easy for your customers and readers to use, bring traffic and new business to you and work with the rest of your business systems. We will ensure that your website users have a great experience, but that you’ll enjoy dealing with your website too.

Website Pre-Release Checkups ‑ This includes everything you need to ensure your site is ready to go, and covers checks like making sure your booking app won’t crash, ensuring you’ve dealt with race conditions for certain functions, checking your links all work, and ensuring there are no spelling errors or mistakes that might offend your readers.”

Developer Support ‑ Faroffice provides white label support for designers and developers using Perch and Perch Runway. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Think we might be able to help you? Give us a call now to tell us how.