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Content management systems, CMS for short, are an easy way for you to be able to keep your site up-to-date without paying anyone else to do it, and you don’t need any special technical skills. A CMS is just what it says it is on the tin - a system that helps you to manage the content of your website, with ease.

Here at FarOffice we use Perch and Perch Runway to build websites for our clients, and we build them so that you can change anything from the images on your page to the titles and text on the pages. As part of the process of building your site, we will show you how to use the Perch administration panel to keep your site fresh and vibrant, and we’ll provide you with instructions, so you can refer back to them.

Using Perch allows us to add on all the functionality you may want on your website, be it a blog, a full scale shop (or just a little one), newsletter sign-ups or picture galleries. We can also provide bespoke apps to work with Perch.

FarOffice has been developing with Perch and Perch Runway since 2010 and we regularly provide white-label support to other designers and developers with more complex apps and sites.